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Pumpkin Patch Opens Sept. 3 at artique

Pumpkin Patch Opens Sept. 3 at artique Carole Duh’s Pumpkin Patch is back! On Friday, Sept. 3, artique in Kamas will play host to the opening of the much-awaited collection of hand knit, sewn and felted pumpkins in every conceivable size and color. The public opening is set for 6:00-9:00 p.m., with the Pumpkin Patch […]

Photographing the Pumpkins

Every summer when mid-August rolls around it’s time to stop production and get the annual photo prepared. Each season we look for a new concept in showcasing my delightful hand knit pumpkins. This year we rolled the green granny wagon filled with pumpkins with the new crop from the Star Barn Pumpkin Factory out to […]

Pumpkin Factory Tour

Pumpkin Factory Tour It’s early in the final stages of pumpkin production in the factory at Star Barn Silver Creek. Join me for a short tour to visit the colorful pumpkins, all staged by color and size as we ready for the opening of the Pumpkin Patch at artique Kamas on Friday, Sept. 3.