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Hand Knit Pumpkins

Hand-knit with a minimum of two luscious yarns, each pumpkin is one-of-a-kind. Stems come from a variety of sources including real pumpkins, which are air-dried for at least one year. Many pumpkins feature interesting stick stems which are collected on hikes around the countryside.

Felted Pumpkins

Needle felted pumpkins are created from 100% wool roving in a painterly fashion. The texture is so scrumptious that you can’t put them down once you touch them.

Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins come in many shapes and styles, from hand-painted fabric to up-cycled wool blankets and double-washed 100% wools.


Nests are one of my favorite items to create. They are knit with two strands of 100% wool yarn and felted to secure an interesting array of strings, ribbons, raffia and non-feltable yarn – just as a bird would create its nest in the spring.

Baby Caps

A worthy gift for welcoming baby into our creative world! These fun and adorable caps are perfect for the precious little person in your life. The caps are knit with either 100% mercerized cotton or delicate wool yarn, some adorned with my exclusive felted accents.

Burp Cloths

Just because baby does it, doesn’t mean mom has to wear it! Absorbent organic cloth diapers are the base with trendy print accents in this fun, new parent accessory.


These one of a kind, hand-crafted journal covers feature bits and pieces from my fabric, jewelry and accessory collections. In these times, my DoDadsForYou! journals are a very personal place to collect your thoughts and your own creative ideas.

Gift Tags

Hang tags are double-dyed in strong coffee, sun-dried and then hand painted. Sometimes the tag is the gift itself.

Magic Wands

Who know what magic you can make with these needle-felted wands? They are embellished with delightful ribbons and a branch stem.

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